Saturday, June 25, 2011

A beginning of bags

So, what is this blog about? Well bags of course! I'm Charlie, and I love bags.

Yes, this could be an intro given at a recovery clinic on one addicted to bags, but that's me. I love bags and I collect them, all types. After complaining to a friend that somebody really should have a good bag blog, he responded with, "You should write it".

So here I am. Mostly I'll cover backpacks, and travel bags as that's what I use the most. But I'll venture into all different type of bags. Being a guy, I'll mostly cover bags that guys would use, though if I see something really nice for a women's bag, I'll be happy to write about it. My fashion sense isn' the greatest though, that's mostly what will keep me from talking about women's bags too much. There will be reviews, random thoughts, anything really anything else I want.

How often will this be updated? I honestly don't know but I'll try to keep it up to date. I've got a lot of bags that I own that I want to photograph and review, and always more bags to get.


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