Monday, June 27, 2011

Europe 2011

So, another trip to Europe and another chance to use some of my travel bags. This time, I've got three weeks in Europe going between the UK (London), Luxemburg, Sweden (Stockholm), and Finland (cabin in the woods). With a wedding in London, and possibly light hiking in the Finland, it was a little tricky to pack. In the end I went with my trusty Tom Bihn Aeronaut  (see my review of the Aeronaut here) as my main bag, and Tom Bihn's Co-Pilot (review forthcoming) as my day bag.

Got pretty close to the weight limit, at 8 kilos or around 18 pounds, I got just up to the limit with my main bag. Add in the small bag with my laptop, I was at 23 pounds.

The reason for the co-pilot was that it was small enough that it squeaks in as a "personal item" for just about everybody. Would have liked a small backpack but sometimes the airlines get picky about the personal item. Also in a pinch, the co-pilot fits into the Aeronaut, I like the ability to have only one bag when I travel.

More musings as the trip continues.

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